Thursday, April 8, 2010

bag scrapbook

Hello Everyone! Here is the project we will be making on the 24th. Its a brag book so to speak. It can hold up to 9 pictures if you wanted it too. We will be using the sweet pea felt flowers which are coming to an end this month. Thats right, this is the last month for the occassions mini so you will want to get your orders in before the end of the month.

This first picture you see is the cover. I kinda messed it up as I decided I wanted to emboss it after I put it together. So I gave it a whirl and missed some and then I did it backwards so the

impression is on the inside. At the class however,
we will do it the right way. lol.

The next picture is what it looks like when you open it up. you can see the cardstock in front of the picutre which allows for some journaling. You could also add some paper and a picture to the outside of the bag and make room for more pictures. Totally up to you. This is how I opted to do it. I think next time Ill try it the other way. So thats the project. Please let me know if you are attending or not. The class fee is $10f and I have to know by the 14th.

Well thats all for now, I have other stuff i have to get done but I will be posting again later.
The weather is amazing! Get out and enjoy it!

Monday, March 15, 2010


So here is the keychain i was telling you about. This is the one side of it. I know not all of you might like my choice of paper but its just to show you the idea. I used our hodgepodge hardware. Whats nice about using that is they cooridnate with our punches so all you have to do is punch out the paper and glue it in. you can get the keychain rings at any craft store and the chain I used came from michaels in the jewelry section. the keychain has 2 sides. You glue the hardware together to make it have a front and a back. You dont have to use just dsp, you can also stamp an image or whatever you want to do. You can make your very own, one of a kind, personalized keychain.
Well I hope you like them. If you would like to learn how to make them just schedule a class with me. We can do it at your house or mine and you can invite whomever you want. Well hope you enjoy your day and find some time to stamp.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rag Shag Purse

Hello all. Todays post is called a rag shag purse. I wish it was my original idea, but its definately not. I love these things. Got the idea from That woman is amazing. She is so talented it makes me jealous. lol. So Ive been dieing to make one forever. Last night I went to my mils and she helped me. I couldnt have done it without her. I really suck at sewing and all that type of stuff. It wasnt super hard. Ive learned that I need to buy more fabric than I did. I didnt have enough black to put on the inside so I used a pink fabric that I really like, but would have rathered have it be the same colors on the inside. I think the next time I will make it another layer deeper and wider and maybe add the button that she did.
Stop back tomorrow to see the keychain I made. Again, not my original idea... but I still like it. Dont forget this is the last month for SAB. For every $50 you spend you get to pick something for free out of the SAB catalog. Get your orders in. you can call, email me, or shop on my website.
Have a great day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So, im a little slow today...

Well, after posting the last post, I was puttsin around online and when i was done and closed out the web browser I found the pop up to upload my picture. So I guess in reality it wasnt blogger that was being a pain, it was me being slow. lol. So this is the card for the day. I NEVER make cards like this. I always see other peoples cards that are like this only with a different layout or something, and it always looks amazing. Thought Id step out of my comfort zone and give it a whirl. I used the flower #3 die for the flowers and the corduroy brads for the center. I used the paper thats in the mini-dont remember the name- as well as the lots of dots embossing folder. The border punch is in the SAB catalog for FREE! A free doesnt get much better than that! Remember, this is the last month for SAB.

well, now that I got the picture to upload its time to get working on other stuff. Ive been making invitations, rsvps, and tickets for my friends jack n jill party in may. I have 40 sent and another 25 to stuff, stamp, stamp again, and mail. My goal was yesterday, but that just didnt happen. Hopefully Ill get the rest out today.

Have a great day!

ugh...blogger is driving me CrAzY!

Hello there. I have a card to show you today but blogger really isnt making this easy. It let me up load the picture but when it showed up it turns out it wasnt the right size. So I deleted it and went to do it over and now it wont let me. I even deleted that posting and started over and it still wont let me. Im trying really hard though to keep this up. Hopefully blogger will be more helpful later on today. Well, guess thats it since I cant upload it. Ill try again later so check back.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Neighbors

Well... Im on the road to keeping up with my posts. This is a card Ive been workin on the past couple days. In reality it didnt take very long its just that I work on it 10mins here and 10mins there when I can sneak away from the boys. My wonderful upline gives her downline challenges and this weeks color challenge was to use razzleberry, so saffron, and old olive. Well I only had one small piece of old olive and I mess it up workin on the card. So I improvised with Always Artichoke. I think Old Olive would have looked better but hey, what can ya do ya know. Now I know I need to order more. lol. So this card uses two sets from the Sale-a-bration catalog called Good Neighbors and Whimsical words. They are both really great sets. There is also a paper pack that matches the good neighbor set. I used the scallop border punch that you can get for free in the SAB catalog as well. I popped the houses up on dimensionals as well as the tag on the right. I also used the perfect dots embossing folder thats in the mini on the background. I SOOOOO LOVE that folder. I use it on almost everything! It was the best $7 I ever spent lol.

So when I was finishing up this card yesterday Kaleb thought he needed to help me. He wanted to stamp too. He started out with some stamps... Wasnt havin so much luck. He wasnt inking it enough, he is only 2. So then he decided that it would be more fun to use his hand. He was very proud. I on the other hand wasnt as amused as he was, but thats just the way it is I suppose.
Well thats it. I am really gonna try to keep up with this. Cross your fingers. haha. Have a great day and find some time to stamp!!
Oh yea, Im having a workshop on the 27th at 2. We will be using SAB products. not entirely sure what we will be making yet, but I promise youll have fun. Let me know if you want to come!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

oi oi oi....

You have no idea how long it has taken me to get this to post! I actually had this all done last week but everytime I went to move the pictures where they needed to be it would lock up. Finally it is working. Ok so this time Im not even gonna say Im going to keep up with it, cause as you can see.... Im not so good at it. Some new stuff has gone on since the last time I posted. Sale-a-bration is the most exciting. For every $50 you spend you get to pick something free out of the SAB catalog. SAB ends March 31st so while this is some late notice, Order while you still can.

The Occassions mini is also in effect. It started in January as well and is good through the end of march. You can view either of these catalogs on the Stampin Up Website There is some really great stuff in there that includes a new punch style and Clear mount stamps. YAY!!! They are so great, especially for those of you (me included) that dont have space to store all of your favorite stamps and punches. I call them space savers since they really do save space.

ok, now ill show ya some stuff that Ive been workin on lately. Ill get around to posting some other stuff Hopefully (not making any promises) this coming week.

This picture is a card we did at my last class. It uses the Fox and Friends stamp from the mini. I SOOOOO LOVE this stamp. I think it is just the cutest thing ever! I also used the new chocolate chip satin ribbon that comes in like 8 other colors. This ribbon is oh so fabulous! Others did it a little differently which looked awesome. So I tried it their way and definately liked theirs better. Here's my version...

Melissa made a card similar to this one. I think hers was a tad different but this is kind of how I remember it. Hers for whatever reason looked way better than this one came out.

And this one, Shanun made it like this. Again, hers looked awesome and Im not so happy with how mine came out. I dont know why. So, I guess that means I should keep to my original. Well thats it for today. I will try to keep up with my posting.
Remember this is the last month for SAB so get your orders in so you can get your free stuff. There is a ton of great products in there!
Have a fabulous Day!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I did it Again....

I totally havent posted since October. I have done a lot of stuff since then, just havent been keepin up with this. I need to start. So I suppose I should catch ya up on all the stuff goin on. -

-First, its Sale-A-Bration!! You know what that means, for every $50 spent on merchandise you get to pick something out of the sale-a-bration brochure. Lots of great goodies in there. Stamps, paper, and even a punch. You can also pick from a select group of stamps that are in the current catalog. How awesome is that!

-Next, we have the new occassions mini. Just when you thought things couldnt get any better... SU proves us wrong. New punches, I call them space savers. They fold up and ultimately save space. We also have acrylic blocks. You have the option of ordering your stamps on wooden blocks or ordering them off the blocks and using them on acrylic blocks. Again, this saves space! I love that because I dont have a ton of space so I think this is just so Amazing!

-Third, I am starting a frequent stamper card. For every $25 you spend you get a punch off of your card. Once you fill the card, you get $10 in free merchandise of your choice.

-Fourth, Button and Ribbon Shares..... What does that mean?

Ribbon Share
For $18.63 you will receive 3 yards of 9 different colored satin ribbons.
Thats a total of 27 yards of ribbon (81ft) of ribbon.
The colors are: Basic Black, Ral Red, Chocolate Chip, Certainly Celery, Pretty In Pink, Bashful Blue, Very Vanilla, Old Olive, Basic Gray. (pg 27 in mini)

Button/Brad Share
New colors of corduroy buttons and epoxy brads. (pg 13 of mini)

For $9.60 receive 6 corduroy brads of 2 colors, for a total of 12 corduroy buttons/brads and 4 epoxy brads of 3 colors for a total of 12 brads.

If you want both shares, it is $28.32

-to order any of the shares call or email me. my email is and phone is 413-834-1932.

To view the spring mini or the Sale a bration catalogs click on the link on the right side of the page.

-last but not least, there is a new insert for the definately decorative catalog. We have some really great stencils and new vinyls.

After all this gab, here is a card that we will be making at my class on the 23rd. If you would like to join us the class fee is $10 and its at my apt in turners. We will be learning a new technique and using new stamps, paper, and punches from the mini. Call or email me to RSVP as soon as possible.

Hope you have a fabulous Day!