Friday, September 5, 2008

20th/20/$20 Scavenger Hunt

My fabulous upline is offering this scavenger hunt. She got the idea from a Fantastic Demo named Aly Schilling. She liked it and decided to use it and I have no decided to offer this scavenger hunt as well.

Stampin UP is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year and I'm so excited about it, I'm offering you a scavenger hunt. What's it all about you might ask?Well.........This promotion will run from now until June 30th 2009.Through out the year I will be placing these 20 year emblems on items and handing them out. This is the emblem that you will look for.

The first item that you will see them on is your catalog, so contact me to get your discounted catalog $5.00 (normally $9.95). Here are some other ways that you will receive the emblem:

*A receipt for an order total that is over $50.00

*Any class that you attend

*Any time you register a new to me guest for a class

*Any time you refer a new customer who places a $25.00 or more.

* And any other time that I see fit.

But here's a little hint... my hostess will get the emblems much quicker. Hostess will find them on:

*Hostess Packets

*Hostess Benefits Receipts for high totaling workshops

*Hostess gifts and more!

Hostess will also get them for random things that make me happy:

*Having high attendance at their workshops

*Having a fair amount of outside orders before their workshop

*Getting bookings at their workshops and more!

So you will definitely want to host several workshops through out the year. So why am I collecting these emblems? When you collect twenty, 20 year emblems, I will give you a $20.00 Stampin Up! Gift Certificate!

There are a few rules:

*The emblems are NON-TRANSFERABLE. You cannot give your emblems to someone else! If this begins to happen the promotion will end

*You can only receive one $20.00 Gift Certificate through out the year. If you collect 40 emblems, you will not get $40.00.

*You must keep track of your emblems. I won't be writing down who gets what. If you loose them, I will not replace them. I suggest that you throw them in a Ziploc bag and keep them in your catalog.

Have fun and get collecting your emblems.