Friday, November 21, 2008

stationary set.

As Ive mentioned before my sister in laws and I are participating in a craft fair in Deerfield, Ma. My sil Shanun and I fell in love with these stationary boxes we have seen online on different blogs and sites. So we decided to make some for this craft fair. She is in charge of making the actual box becuase quite frankly i suck at it and she is very good at it and likes to do it. So I opted to make the cards and what not for the inside. I thought I would share a few pictures. This is the last set I finished today. Above is a picture of the whole set, which I just realized I need to fix one of the tags because its in white instead of vanilla. Guess Ill do that tomorrow. Either way the stationary kit comes with 3 41/4 x 51/2 cards, 3 3x3s, and 3 tags. It also comes with envelopes but I didnt think I really had to include a picture of them. I would show you the box that goes with it but I dont have it. They are at her house in New Hampshire. Here are some close up pictures. The lighting isnt very good because its night out here and my apartment doesnt have very good lighting but I think youll get the picture.

If you would like to get your hands on one of these sets stop by the fair on the 29th from 9-4 or you can contact me and I can make one just for you. Have a great weekend!

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