Sunday, December 28, 2008

this and that

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I did. The boys had a blast opening presents this year. It was very busy for us. We had a christmas eve party, then stayed at my inlaws for the night so the boys could just open all of their presents there. After presents we headed to my sister in laws for an early dinner and to open presents again. Then after that it was off to our aunts house for christmas with Grandma. It was a very busy long day. My boys were Exhausted. It was nice to see everyone for the holidays though.

I gave the scrap book to my mother in law. I finished it just in time. She opened it christmas morning and before she even turned to the second page started crying. It was really sweet. Then everywhere we went that day she brought it with her to show it off. I had planned on posting some more pictures of it, but I didnt take any pictures before I gave it to her. Next time I see her Ill have to get some.

well just wanted to let yas know she liked the scrapbook. I am working on some more stuff to share with yas soon. Have a great day!