Thursday, January 1, 2009

Note Boards

My new favorite thing to make... I call them noteboards. Im sure Im not the first person to think something like this up but I will say I was awefully proud of myself when I did. I found these boards at the dollar store and grabbed a couple for my neices to use for a craft project. I of course also bought one for myself but had no clue what I wanted to do with it. Well we were working and then it came to me.. why dont I make it a dry erase board. My house is in some serious need of organization as far as remembering things go. So I covered it with some DSP I had and added a transparency. then it was done, but it looked terribly plain. So I added a post it note pad- that way I could bring the reminder with me if I needed. Still a little plain so I added the tear off calendar since we cant seem to keep a calendar in my house. Then it was done. The all in one noteboard. I need to get some dry erase markers then I will add a holder for it and some magnets so I can hang it on my refrigerator. It does hang, but if I hang it up my boys will get it off the wall and destroy it. Thats all there was too it. I was thinking it would be perfect with the calendar stamp set SU has, but I dont have that one so I just printed one off and cut it. It works for me. What do you think?
Have a Safe and HAppy New Years!