Sunday, June 14, 2009

sneak peek 2

HeLlO! This is sneak peek number 2. I absolutely LOVE this stamp set. Its called razzle dazzle. I cased this card from someone online,but I did change up the colors and sentiment. These are the Thank You cards for the customers that came to my last class. I used the new stamp, the razzle berry ink and the matching polka dot ribbon. I used the oval all stamp set for the sentiment with the scallop oval punch. I love that punch and set. I really like this card, even if I did copy it from someone. I can see me making more of these.

Now and kind of funny story. See the card below? Well I gave it to my friends daughter for her birthday yesterday (She lov ed it) and of course her mom opened the card up and started reading it to everyone, well she opens it up to read the inside and starts laughing. I couldnt figure out why. Then she said that I had left it blank. I totally forgot to write anything on the inside. No Happy birthday, no from us, nothing. Completely blank! Maybe ya had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

Ok, well I think My kid just pooped. I can smell him and its terrible so I guess I should go change him (like you really wanted to know that). SO you have a great day. Its raining, which means its the perfect day to stay inside and use all the Stampin' UP supplies you purchase!

Happy STamping!


Angela Riddell said...

This card is stunning. Oh Laura, I'm trying not to buy this set, but now I want it.