Friday, March 6, 2009

Its a card!

Im having a class March 29th at 2:00 to help raise money for the Franklin County Realay for Life. I sent out my email to everyone yesterday letting them know but I didnt have my samples done yet of what we would be making. I still dont have them all done, but this is one of the cards we will be making. It uses the new embossing plates, dazzling diamonds glitter and some brads as well as some stamps obvoiusly. It isnt supposed to have that dark spot down at the bottom. I took it to show my mil and had a cruet of salad dressing in my purse apparently next to it, and Im thinking some of the oil got on it. I hope not cause then that means there is some in my purse--I havent checked yet--but thats the only thing I can think of that would have left a mark like that. I got the idea for this card from my meeting with my upline and sidelines the other night. My very talented sideline Melody made this card, but she used different colors and the trendy tree stamp set. I love that set, but dont have it... so I had to improvise and I must say I think I did a great job! haha. So for those of you coming on the 29th, this is a card you will be making.
Hope you like it!
Thanks for stoppin by!


Angela Riddell said...

very cute! Can I come to the class? Sounds like your all going to have fun.

Laura Fiske said...

Thanks. I really like how it came out. Of course you could come. you're always welcome and could probly tell me how to improve. haha