Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SOOOOO Excited!

So, for those of you that know me, you know that my craft room was basically a coat closet...well not basically, it was a coat closet. It was very frustrating cause if I wanted to work on something, I had to lug everything out to the living room then put it all back when I as done. I wasted most of the little stamping time I get taking stuff out and cleaning it up. So a couple weeks ago we decided to move Kaleb into a regular bed and put him and Wes in the same room. This opened up a spare room for us. Well its been empty ever since. Scott went away this past weekend to PA and so i decided I was done having an empty room. I turned it into a craft room. Well Im working on it anyways. I still need some shelves and stuff like that, but it is WAAAAAAAAAY better than a closet.

Again, it doesnt look like very much right now, but it will after i get around to gettin some stuff. There will be a chair and tv in there so Scott can at leat be in the same room with me and we can kinda watch tv together at night. That was one of the conditions, he didnt want me to just disappear and never see me so we comprimised. And thats fine, I rather it that way anyways.

This is all just in time for all the new stuff I ordered. I finally got my bigshot! I am soooo excited! I ordered a bunch of new stamps, punches, and all sorts of goodies. I also preordered stuff from the new occassions mini the other day, its the first time I preordered on the first day it started. I now know why I dont do that, I forget tons of stuff that I wanted or order something that in reality I know I probably wont use very often, but oh well. I will be geting more new stuff so Im not complaining. I am however putting my self on an ordering freeze... I have spend so much money the past few weeks on stuff its crazy! So I am banning myself for awhile. I need to start using the stuff I have before I get more!

Well thanks for stopping by! Have a Great day!