Friday, March 20, 2009

My Charger comes today!

Yep, Thats right! My battery charger for my camera is supposed to be here today! I have done a lot of stuff (well compared to what I usually do) and have plenty to post! I just havent been able to take pictures of it. Now i will be able to so expect to see some posts over the next few days! My husband will be thankful its here. He doesnt know that ive been using my cell phone to take pictures and send them to my sil. Once he finds out how much our bill is, he will really appreciate me having a camera battery.

Just a Reminder... There are only 11 days left of SAB so get those orders in now. Dont forget you can shop online through my website and get your sab products. I am also having a class on the 29th. The class fee is $5 and we will be making 5 projects. Proceeds will be donated to the relay for life! Call or email me to RSVP!

Have a great day! Hope you stop back later to see some new stuff.