Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It happened again....

So remember a few posts back I was saying the battery for my camera died and I didnt have a charger therefore I couldnt post pictures of stuff? Well..... now I lost my memory card and dont have an extra one. So I have to buy one, if I can remember when Im out, which so far, no luck. So I wont be posting pictures until I remember to grab one. I actually have tons of pictures to post too. I have the rest of the pictures from my class on the 29th, which went awesome! I got to meet 5 more fabulous ladies! They are all so creative! I had 9 people attend my class and they helped me raise over $100 to donate to the Relay for Life. How great is that?! We had raffles and made projects. They couldnt believe it. We made 2 baskets, 2 cards, and a scrapbook page. I thought it was a lot of fun. Thankfully my mother in law was there to give me a hand. I had two tables set up (which was a first) so she was able to help one table while I worked at the other.

Well thats all for now. I have to make a ton of sour creme containers for Scott. Hes been selling them at work to raise money for the Relay and they have been a big hit!

Thanks for stoppin by. I will work on getting that memory card soon so I can share what Ive been working on.