Sunday, April 19, 2009


Its a beautiful day here in Mass and unfortunately kaleb has bronchitis and Scott had surgery on his arm and hasnt really slept in like a week so we arent out enjoying it. But, becuase of that, I get to post a new card. This one was totally inspired by a card that I cant find anymore. You would think I would like bookmark it or something so I can give them credit, but ya, Im not that intelligent. The card I copied used the tart and tangy set with cherry papers. I Love these papers and wanted to use them and well the only stamp I have that kind of goes with them is this rockstar stamp. I LOVE the look of it embossed in silver. It is really a simple card, but I really like how it came out. Now if I just had a reason to use it.....Yeah right. I like it to much to give away-that always seems to be my problem.

Well I hope you are out enjoying this fabulous weather. Thanks for poppin in.