Wednesday, April 22, 2009

scrap page case.

Hey! Its another dark,dreary, rainy, plain old yucky day here in Mass. I think I even heard lightning last night when I was sleeping. I thought I would post now because I am going to be gone pretty much all day with appointments. Wes has an eye and hearing test today. Its totally going to suck. The school couldnt get him to cooperate (becuase of his autism) so we have to go to an actual doctors office and get it done. Of course my husband had them schedule the appointments for the same day. First is the eye, a few hours later is the hearing... Soooooo not looking forward to it. Hopefully it goes better than I think it will.

ON to the page. I cased this page (as usual) from some and ya know, I even spent the last 10 minutes looking for the original creator and do you think I can find it? NO! The person that inspired me used petal pizzazz and I know they didnt use pink, but I cant remember what color they did use. I was going to use the petal pizzazz set, but thought I wanted to try it with butterflies. I dont like mine nearly as much as I liked the one I copied. I think my little butterflies are a bit much. I used my one of a kind stamp set with the scallop oval punch. I thought the sentiment was PERFECT! The picture can slip under the strips of paper. I wanted to use ribbon, but ya know, I dont have ribbon in every color so I used paper and you can barely tell a difference. Well, I cant anyways.

So there it is. Now Im off to get dressed and get Wes ready for what I fear is going to be a terribly long, crappy day. Thanks for stopping by!