Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A rainy day...

Its a pretty yucky day in Mass today. Rainy, dark, dreary... you know that stuff. It was a good day to get some laundry done. I have to go to the laundrymat since I cant have a washer and dryer in my building. Totally sucks but what can ya do. I havent done laundry in like... i dont even know, probly 3 weeks. I did 7 loads already and probly have another 3 or 4 left. Its pretty bad, I keep saying Im going to get it done at least once a week so it doesnt pile up like that but of course life gets in the way and it never gets done.
Ok, on to the card. It was kind of an accident. I was stampin some stuff for my sil. She is having an open house in May and one of the projects is a frame. She asked me if I could stamp some stuff for her since her stamp set didnt come yet so I said sure. i started out with the tree from this set (thoughts and prayers). I liked it, but it just wasnt working the way I wanted it to. Then I thought, well look at the branches. They would be perfect for putting in the corners and a phrase in the middle. After all, I did want a phrase on there somewhere. So I got done. I looked at it and thought, boy that would be a cute card.... and thats how it came about. I wanted it to be simple so I just mounted it on ridinghood red and then on whisper white. I used my corner rounder on the corners since the branch kind of rounded and thats it. Very simple, not much to it, but I do like how it came out.
Well thats it. I need to get workin on putting some of this laundry away. Hope you have a great day!