Monday, May 11, 2009

Flip book cont...

Hello everyone. How was your mothers day? Mine was actually quite great. I got new furniture!! The only crappy part is I have to wait for it to come in so 3-6weeks before it gets here. But thats ok, I can live with that. It took me FOREVER to find a set that I wanted. Well I guess I shouldnt say that. I found a set I really wanted but It was discontinued. It seemed like every set I wanted was discontinued. Then I found this one. Hopefully I still really like it when it gets here! It would be just like me to see it and then hate it.

Ok, so, Sorry about the last post. I wanted to get those pictures up and I knew if I put it off any longer it wouldnt get done. I was waiting for my mil to get here when I was posting so I wanted to be sure I wasnt sitting here typing when she got here. So anyways, thats the flip book. At the class we will be using bella rose with coordinating cardstock. Pictures just dont do it justice. You really have to see it in person. The book will hold 8 pictures, or 9 if you count the cover, the it has plenty of room for journaling and embellishments or whatever else you can think of. You could even throw in some vertical wallet pictures or something.

Well im off to get wes off the bus. There are a few more seats left at the class so please let me know that youll be coming. We really hope you will!

Have a Fabulous day!