Friday, May 29, 2009


OK so this has absolutely nothing to do with Stamping. Every night around 10 Wes says Pee. I honestly think its just to get out of bed, but I take him to the bathroom anyways hoping someday he will actually go. So every night, nothing. I do everything I can to get him to go. I turn on water, tickle him, everything and still nothing. So last night around 10, he says Pee like always. So I take him in and set him on the potty while I filled the humidifier and when I came back into the bathroom HE WAS PEEING!!!! I was sooo excited. That was the first time he peed on the potty. So now we just have to get him to do it during the day, which he definately doesnt like doing. So Im sure most of you dont care, but I had to share. I was so proud of him. With his autism it has really been a fight to even get him to sit on the potty let alone go in it. So there ya have it. Wes peed on the potty!

Have a fabulous day!


Angela Riddell said...

That is so exciting, way to go Laura!