Sunday, May 31, 2009

ughhh.... 3 today

I cant believe it. This is my third post today. I keep forgetting stuff. Well I didnt really forget this. I just had to show it. Today around 11 a friend calls me up and says hey, can you make me a card for a bridal shower? I need it by 1. lol. So... my upline showed me how to make this card a couple weeks ago and I thought, hmmm... Maybe this will work. So I texturized everything. Through on some glitter, scalloped the edges and VOILA! A very fast and simple card. Im not sure how pleased I am with it, but hey, its not like I had a lot of notice. I do really like the dress. I love how the glitter looks on it. I used some half back pearls on the ribbon and really, like i said, it was super easy. I am going to be having a workshop June 26th at 6:00 and we will be making a card similar. I dont have it done yet obviously, but I really like making these dress cards. We will also be making the purse thing a couple of posts down. We will be making one other project but I havent decided what it is yet. When I know, I will post it. I am hoping to have some new stuff from the new catty by then so I can give everyone a sneek peek. So you wont want to miss out. If you plan on coming please email me or comment me or call me to let me know so I can make sure to have enough stuff.
OK have a good day. I dont think I will be posting anything else today... I cant believe I even posted 3 today. Thats CrAzY! Oh and dont forget, the last chance list (aka retired list) comes out tomorrow.. so hurry and get your orders in. Anything with in colors will be retiring and its a first come first serve and let me tell you it goes fast!
ok so im dont now. Enjoy the rest of the day!

oh yea.....

So I forgot to mention the jumble alphabet preoder. Today is your last day to preorder it. You can see the link for a pdf of the whole alphabet here. Oh and did I mention that the jumble alphabet set is 20% off?! Thats right... if you preorder it you get it at a 20% discount. If you wait to order it, you dont get the discount... So... My suggestion is If you like it, Order it now while you can save a few bucks.

Last Day!

Hello everyone! Its a gorgeous day here in Mass... though I hear its supposed to rain later. I hope not. Though if it does maybe I will spend less time outside and more time inside cleaning my house. I just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to take advantage of Mays fabulous promotions.

Buy 3 packs of designer paper or textured 12x12 paper get one free.

Become a Stampin Up demonstrator for only $75.00 during May by signing up with the Mini Scrapbooking starter kit. This is an awesome deal. it makes signing up to be a demo so much easier. The picture below shows you all of the stuff you get with the mini starter kit. You can substitute almost anything in it for an item of the same price. You dont get nearly the amount of stuff that you would if you spend the $199 but for someone who wants to be a demo and already has a ton of stuff, it could work. Or if you want to be a demo but dont have all that money right now, you could sign up whit the $75 and then work to get all the extra stuff as you go. Its a great time to sign up too. The new catalog starts in July so you would get to see all the sneak peeks and preorder stuff.

If you would like to take advantage of either of these promotions call or e-mail me ASAP! Or you can go to my online store at (or the link in the upper right hand corner). If you know somebody who you think would be intersted in ordering who does not read my blog, let them know so they dont miss out.

Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful day before the rain ruins it!

Friday, May 29, 2009


OK so this has absolutely nothing to do with Stamping. Every night around 10 Wes says Pee. I honestly think its just to get out of bed, but I take him to the bathroom anyways hoping someday he will actually go. So every night, nothing. I do everything I can to get him to go. I turn on water, tickle him, everything and still nothing. So last night around 10, he says Pee like always. So I take him in and set him on the potty while I filled the humidifier and when I came back into the bathroom HE WAS PEEING!!!! I was sooo excited. That was the first time he peed on the potty. So now we just have to get him to do it during the day, which he definately doesnt like doing. So Im sure most of you dont care, but I had to share. I was so proud of him. With his autism it has really been a fight to even get him to sit on the potty let alone go in it. So there ya have it. Wes peed on the potty!

Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

oh what a day...

What a beautiful day that is. It is absolutely GORGEOUS outside! I would soooo love to be swimming and its only 9:15! However, even if I did have a pool, I wouldnt be able to. Wes woke up this morning with a fever. No coughs or anything...just a fever. I dont know if he has any stomache issues, even if he did he doesnt know how to communicate that to me. So the poor kid is sittin on the couch and looks like crap!
so this is the project for today. It opens up and is like a purse. This will be one of the projects we make at a workshop in June, I havent set a date yet, but we will be making this. Its really easy to make and I love how they come out. For this one I used the SAB papers and ribbon. I used eyelets on the top to string the ribbon through and a jumbo brad in the center of the flower. The flower came from the set petal pizzazz and whats so great about this flower is that it fits in our scallop punch. So talk about easy! There is no cutting for that flower! I love that set, I just barely use it. Well...I barely use any of my stamps these days. I have to make wedding save the dates, invites, and thank you cards for a cousin, 160 of each! So there really isnt much stamping in my future either lol.
Ok well off to tend to my kid and cut some more paper. Enjoy your day... if your in mass area, you might want to find a pool or get some AC.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

another quilt card

So I just realized today is already MAY 20th! That just didnt dawn on me until this morning when I was checking in with SU and I can already preorder my new catalogs! WOW this year is going fast! While thats on my mind, The retired list comes out June 1st so start thinking about all the dsps and in color papers you need. This month SU is running a special if you buy 3 packs of dsp or textured cardstock you get one free. What a great way to get all those dsp's you want before they retire.

So the card. I actually made this card awhile back when I was on my "quilt card kick". I used the pink pirouettes, chocho chip, and whisper white cardstock. I used bella rose dsp for the quilt part. I think Im going to miss this paper. Honestly, when it first came out I didnt really care for it, but would you know it, Ive used more of this dsp than any other?! I used my butterfly die for my bigshot to make a chipboard butterfly then I covered it with dsp. I added a few half back pearls, and VOILA! A cute, yet very simple card. Oh yea, I also sponged the edges of the butterfly to make it stand out a little more.

Well thats all for now. i have to dig up some more stuff to post. I still need quite a few posts to get my emblem from Angie for the scavenger hunt. So You will see some more posts over the next few days.

Its beautiful outside! GO out and enjoy it!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hello! Its been a short while since Ive posted. Ive been fairly busy the past couple weeks and havent really had the chance to post. This is a birthday card I made for my sons friend Zach. I wasnt real sure of what to use since I dont really have that many boy stamps. you would think I would considering I have 2 boys, but I guess I just tend to the girly things. So after thinking about it for awhile I went through my stamp drawers and found this one. I never really use this set but I just HAD to have it! I saw this layout online somewhere...probly scs. I used old olive, pumpkin pie, and brilliant blue papers. I dont remember the name of the dsp I used as it is retired. I used the tag corner punch to make the tag the size I wanted. I love that little punch. I also used our jumbo eyelets. I LOVE those too. I never really use eyelets but now I will definately use them more. This is the inside of the card. I will tell ya, this was kind of an accident, but I really like how it came out. On the front, you cant really tell but I did some paper peircing. Well when I did it, I wasnt thinking and did it after I glued everything down so it left little holes on the inside. I just couldnt have that. So I needed to find a way to cover it up. Hence, the bashful blue paper running across it. So thats my card. I really like it. I hope the boy and his mother did too. We had to leave before they got to presents because I had a prior obligation.
That it for today. I have more stuff to post so hopefully tonight or tomorrow Ill get it up here. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Flip book cont...

Hello everyone. How was your mothers day? Mine was actually quite great. I got new furniture!! The only crappy part is I have to wait for it to come in so 3-6weeks before it gets here. But thats ok, I can live with that. It took me FOREVER to find a set that I wanted. Well I guess I shouldnt say that. I found a set I really wanted but It was discontinued. It seemed like every set I wanted was discontinued. Then I found this one. Hopefully I still really like it when it gets here! It would be just like me to see it and then hate it.

Ok, so, Sorry about the last post. I wanted to get those pictures up and I knew if I put it off any longer it wouldnt get done. I was waiting for my mil to get here when I was posting so I wanted to be sure I wasnt sitting here typing when she got here. So anyways, thats the flip book. At the class we will be using bella rose with coordinating cardstock. Pictures just dont do it justice. You really have to see it in person. The book will hold 8 pictures, or 9 if you count the cover, the it has plenty of room for journaling and embellishments or whatever else you can think of. You could even throw in some vertical wallet pictures or something.

Well im off to get wes off the bus. There are a few more seats left at the class so please let me know that youll be coming. We really hope you will!

Have a Fabulous day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flip Book

Ok so i dont really have time to explain this or anything cause Im on my way out the door, but this is the flip book we will be making on the 29th. We will be using different papers and stuff. This isnt a great sample cause its not even decorated or anything but i wanted to post it in case any of you were waiting to rsvp until you saw the picture. So here it is. Remember the class if $15 and I have to have it no later than the 13th so I can put the order in by the 14th. Please email me and let me know if i should be expecting you. Have a great day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Its scrapbooking Month!

Stampin Up is celebrating National Scrapbooking day all month long. We have some fantastic promotions going on.

First, if you buy 3 packs of designer series paper or textured cardstock you get one FREE! You can mix and match the dsp and the cardstock. What a great way to stock up on your Favorite papers.

Second, Stampin Up is offering a special scrapbooking starter kit package. This is a great way to sign up to be a demonstrator. You get everything listed below, plus all the business stuff you need to get started! You can do so many things with the simply scrappin kits its amazing! If you decide you just want to be a hobby demo, this is a great time to sign up and pay half the start up cost and still get all the benefits. You can substitute anything pictured below with similar items. Again, this offer is only good until the end of may so take advantage of it now. If you have any questions about becoming a demonstrator please feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Third, Stampin Up is offering a sneak peak of one of the new alphabet sets coming out in the new catalog. You can purchase this set at a 20% discount. This stamp set will cost $43.95 in the new catalog. You can purchase it now for only $35.16! How can you not take advantage of that great savings?! Its such a fun, unique alphabet set as you can see below. You can order online here or through me personally.

To celebrate the scrapbooking month, I am holding a class on May 29th at 6:00 in my home. We will be making a scrapbook flip book. I will be posting pictures soon. Let me just say, everyone who has seen it, LOVES it and cant wait to make one! The class fee is $15 and has to be to me by 5/15 in order to reserve your spot. Seats are limited so call or email me today!
Well thats all for now. Thank you for stopping by! Dont put off taking advantage of all these great deals, before you know it may will be over and june will be here!